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Buy 2 Kinazium 4 packs + sensors, get one FREE classic Kinazium

Regular price $680.00

Nine Kinaziums! A great program building system!

Double your Kinazium 4-pack and add one Classic for some great configurations including dividing into 4 (3x3 tile) 60" x 60" surfaces. Perfect for robotics programs, districts setting up multiple systems or anyone looking to build "Kinazium in the Gymnasium!"

The set includes:

  • 36 Interconnecting Mats: each 20 x 20 inches
  • 396 Mixed Sized Flexible Surfaces: for walls, jumps, teeter-totters, hoops and more
  • 720 Pegs: Multi-functional connectors of mats, surfaces, and sensors
  • 16 Sensors: Wireless accelerometer sensors for creating complex game strategies adding timers or point scoring. In the 3x3 mat configuration you have 4 sensors for each mat set.
  • 9 Carry-Along Storage Bags