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Getting Started

Ways to Use Kinazium: Let's get rolling!

  • 1 or more Kinazium sets
Amount of time:
  • 45 - 60 minutes
Grade Levels:
  • 3rd - 12th


This activity introduces different ways to build things with Kinazium. Let's get rolling!

Gif of Kinazium


  1. Get out one set of Kinazium with a group of students. Introduce the Quickstart Guide to the students.

  2. Show the kids the various parts and their purpose:

    Mat - The base unit for building structures. The edge pieces of the mat, can be folded up to create a barrier around the edges. Pegs can be placed in the holes, which walls and ramps will connect to. The Mats can be put together in any configuration, and multiple Kinaziums can be used for very large game and courses.

    Walls and Ramps - Walls are the panels with holes, ramps are the solid panels. Walls can bend and will go back to a flat shape when put back at the end of the session.

    Pegs - Pegs can be used in various ways to connect walls to each other and to the base mat. They can be also used to add walls or ramps for decoration or movement, like gates or blades.

    Remember, there are no rules! Students will discover new ways to put these simple parts together, it’s pretty awesome to see their imaginations at work.

  3. Using the quickstart Guide, have one student at a time create the structure in one of the pictures on the front of the card.

Kinazium Guide


Kinazium: The combination of the words Kinetics and Gymnasium. This is a great guessing game with students, ask if they can think of the two words that make up Kinazium.


Discuss the results with the students. Have the students work together to create a maze with a limited number of pathways.

Have the students try and build a curved ramp that comes down from two stories, where a robot might start by rolling down into a maze.