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Kinazium Curriculum

About Kinazium's Curriculum

Robotics programs are wonderful, they help students learn coding and mechanical and electrical design. At Kinazium we wanted to add a creative twist to those programs, giving students hands on design experience, and making it easy to create robotic challenges.

We created the Kinazium construction kit which engages team work, 3D thinking, and conceptual learning. Along the way we found that Kinazium is so much more. It can be used to study structural engineering, math, physics, AR and more. Our optional sensors come with a free application on iOS to race, or compete for points by placing them in a maze or game.

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This growing curriculum program will help you apply Kinazium for teaching a variety of skills. Please share your success, failures, and ideas for additional lessons by contacting susan@kinazium.com.

We would love to see your pictures too!

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